Coping and Dealing with Kratom Withdrawal

Coping and Dealing with Kratom WithdrawalDealing with the side effects brought by kratom withdrawal can appear difficult to most of the people. When trying to quit its use, two options are involved, quit in a cold way or taper it down. What this means you take smaller doses of the drug in a less frequent manner for several weeks. If you are an addict, seek advice on the best method to apply and which won’t lead to severe side effects. Here are some of the tips to help you to deal or relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

Always remember why you are quitting

Write down the reasons why you want to quit using kratom and keep them in hand. Remind yourself those reasons every time craving kicks in.


One of the withdrawal symptoms is exhaustion and depression. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a shower to relax your muscles and moods too.

Talk to a doctor

It is a good idea to always explain to a doctor the challenges you are going through and ask if they can be able to help. The doctors can prescribe medicines that can relieve problems such as nausea, headaches, and anxiety.

Keep busy

Involving yourself with something will prevent your mind from being occupied by the thoughts of wanting to use the drug.


Walking has been found to alleviate some withdrawal discomforts. Even if it a little walk, it can greatly distract the cravings and reduce tensions.


Unless you are in dire need of specialized medical care, kratom withdrawal shouldn’t be dangerous. Home withdrawal should be effective unless otherwise. For the expectant mothers, they should talk to their doctors on the drug use as soon as possible.

In a scenario where a patient has struggled with excessive abuse, a consultation from a doctor is needed before quitting. This is to help come up with the best management method to avoid a relapse which can be dangerous.

Long term healing and treatment

If you had a mental health disorder and you are using a self prescribed kratom, to manage the condition, consider seeing a psychiatrist. Therapies and other prescribed medication may work better that the kratom ever did.

Useful information

If you are struggling with kratom addiction and you want to quit, reach out to people who had a similar condition and they will guide you on how they were able to cope and deal with the addiction.

Learn all about kratom like it’s health benefits, side effects and much more. A complete guide will help you to decide should you choose kratom or not.